Wedding photographer: important things to consider when choosing a photographer

Are you looking for a wedding photographer, but think that it may be difficult to orient themselves, you might be able to get some tips here to what you should look out for and why you should choose a professional photographer. There are a great many wedding photographers. What is a good wedding photographer? It is not a clear answer ... Luckily. This is what helps to make this industry so varied, exciting and still under development. All have odd preferences and to appreciate different styles and ways of working with different photographers.

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My personal experience is that a good wedding photographer is a photographer who is doing a good job, which appear discreet and professional, dealing with well paid, then the service reminded and positive attitude towards the persons as he/she is being circumvented, which gets the wedding couple to feel comfortable, which is nice to be with, who knows what he/she has to deal with and which delivers images of high technical and artistic quality as the customer is satisfied with – and as In addition, anything extra besides accurately it is in agreement. A professional photographer has through his work acquired the knowledge and experience required to view the atmospheric situations and moments and catch them on the best possible way, both technically and creativity.

Here are some points you should consider when choosing a wedding photographer for one of the most important days in your life: Images: anyone can take 10 good pictures and showing off on their website. You, do not let you lure you to this fact. Ask to get a representative selection of pictures from previous weddings he has photographed. Photographer: Hires a photographer to follow you through the entire wedding day, this should be a person who is nice to be with. you have the option for it, so it is no no bad idea to arrange a meeting with the photographer before you decide. Take a cup of coffee, talk together and get acquainted with the photographer. You find out quickly whether it is a person who you want to have as a guest to your wedding or not.


"Professional photographer": this title is not a protected, which means that anyone can call themselves professional photographers. It's no bodies or check on whether it votes, and it required no training or education for donning the role of a photographer. It is up to you to determine if the photographer you choose is suitable for the job or not. Routine: the photographer must always be one step ahead and try to predict the unforeseen and be in the right place to take pictures. You must be sure that the photographer has tried it many times in the past and know what's going to happen, while his abilities to make unique and creative images.

Backups: Take the photographer backups immediately, shoot, after treatment and care that in the pictures after the wedding couple have had their images? What defines the photographer as a backup? Keep there is always a copy of the photos geographically separate from the original files in case of fire, theft, water damage and the like? Camera equipment: Photography in the dark churches or in the Banqueting rooms with Dim lighting without Flash requires much of both the photographer and camera equipment. You should find a wedding photographer mainly shooting without a Flash. When several hundreds images during the day, and the photographer uses Flash on all the pictures, so it goes without saying that it quickly can be both disturbing and a nuisance for both the wedding couple and for guests. The most atmospheric images you get when using natural light without a Flash.


Price: Total price should be agreed in advance. The last one wants when one comes home from the honeymoon, is an invoice in the mail from a wedding photographer as we had not been included in the calculation. Check therefore what you get and what you have to pay everything in everything and get it much like in writing if it makes you uncomfortable. It is usually two pricing models for wedding photography: Paper copies: some offer a low price on the shoot, but takes as additional phone order by album, suburban drying, thank you cards, etc. After the photo shoot. This is the classic pricing model.

It's a bit unfortunate, because it is impossible to know how the images will be until after the photo shoot and therefore difficult to know what sizes they want, how many pictures, etc. You're also depending on the photographer's choice of album, sizes, frames and thank you cards.


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